Naval unit Paskal is Malaysia’s special elite force. But all bets are off when one of its own stages a hijacking. Based on true events.

Crossroads: One, Two, Jaga

In Kuala Lumpur, an abused domestic worker Sumiati tries to escape to Indonesia, while an idealistic policeman Hassan insists on fighting corruption – at a heavy price.

Shun Pong O

In Nanyang fishing village, lives a girl who loves Korean culture. She then meets and falls in love with a South Korean man. He brings hope and joy to her imperfect reality, even as he faces his biggest fear. However, an incident at the village transformed him, turning him multilingual.

Rise: Ini Kalilah

Following the lives of everyday people, coming together for one common love – Malaysia – six interrelated tales set during the frantic days leading up to the nation’s most important election ever. Each story that unfolds shows what it means to be a true Malaysian – respect, hope, standing up for yourself, fighting for your rights, redemption, and building the future.

Vedigundu Pasangge

Village boy Theva is stuck in a huge twisted situation and comes into realisation that everything surrounding him is shrouded in a pool of mystery. Things take a bad turn for him thanks to his innocence and ignorance of the true colors of Boss.

光 Guang

Guang is the inspirational story of Wen Guang, an autistic young man who struggles to integrate in a society that discriminates against him. Even with his brother’s help, Wen Guang finds it difficult to hold a decent job. One day, his prodigious talent for music emerges.