1. Ola Bola

Rating: PG

Language:  Malay & Mandarin

Subtitles: English and Mandarin Subtitles

A young Malaysian, struggling with her job as a journalist and lacking passion for staying in her home country, is thrown into the local football scene for a research assignment. Delving deeper into Malaysia’s footballing past, the rich and exhilarating history of the 1980s is brought to light. Inspired by true events from the Golden Age of Malaysian football, Ola Bola revisits the everyday struggles of Malaysians set against the backdrop of a worsening economy. The film’s underdog story charts the assembling of a multicultural football team that is made to recover from the brink of disaster after a string of poor performances culminates in its influential captain leaving the team due to personal financial issues. As hopes for a first successful Asian Olympic qualifying campaign begins to fade, the players rally together to help each other cope with their personal struggles and to reunite in its fight against Asia’s footballing giants. This triumphant story is at once a unique showcase of Malaysian culture as it is an exploration into everyday human relationships – An inspiring story that united an entire nation and a tale of how the little known team of individuals fought together to rise above its hardships.

2016 Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival (Best Original Theme Song)
2016 Malaysia Film Festival (Best Costume Design; Best Original Score; Best Orginal Theme Song; Special Jury Award – National Unity)

Director – Chiu Keng Guan

Leading Actors and Actresses – Bront Palarae, J.C. Chee, Marianne Tan Poh Yee, Muhd Luqman Hafidz bin Mohd Fauzi, Sarankumar a/l Manokaran

2. Redha (Beautiful Pain)

Rating: PG

Language:  Malay

Subtitles: English and Mandarin Subtitles

Upon the discovery that their only son Danial is autistic, Alina and Razlan’s world crumbles as they struggles to confront the harsh realities of raising a child disabled by a condition they hardly knew about. Razlan’s inability to accept the truth causes friction within the family, but Alina’s perseverance and maternal instinct help wade through the difficult times raising Danial. With her sister and a close friend by her side, they may have found a way to improve Danial’s quality of life until a tragic accident causes the family to rethink its strategy.

Redha’s Achievements:

World Premier Film Festival Philippines 2016
Kazan international Festival of Muslim Cinema 2016
LA Awareness Film Festival 2016
Asian World Film Festival(LA)2016
Asia Pacific Screen Awards 2016
Radiant Angel film festival (Moscow)2016
Casa Asia Film Festival
15th Latin America Film Festival:2016
Malaysia Official Submission for the 89th Academy Awards & 74th Golden Globe submission
Malaysia Anugerah Skrin 2016
Malaysian International Film Festival (MIFF)
International Spiritual Film Festival India ( ISFFI) Varanasi – Opening Film
ASEAN Film Festival (Geneva)
Cinemautismo Film Festival Turin Italy – Closing Film
Autfest Film Festival California
Kota Kinabalu International Film Festival (KKIFF) – Opening Film

Director: Tunku Mona Riza

Leading Cast: Namron; Harith Haziq; izzy Reef; June Lojong

3. Jagat (Brutal)

Rating: TBA

Language: Tamil, Malay, Mandarin

Subtitles: English

Coming-of-age story about a boy growing up in a community of Tamil in Malaysia during the 1990sThe plot centers on Appoy a spirited kid who would rather watch gangster flicks and make prank calls than memorize his multiplication tables. Desperately trying to keep his son on the straight path, Appoy’s hard-working father becomes increasingly abusive, as the boy is inexorably drawn to the criminal lifestyle of his uncle, a henchman for a local Malaysian gang.

Set in the early 1990’s, a critical period in Malaysian Indian history, the story subtly underlines the plight of the Malaysian Indian. Forsaken by the estate owners who had employed them for generations and systematically marginalized by the ruling government, they are forced to move to the cities and survive under harsh circumstances. Left out of the nation’s urbanization and development plans, many live in squatters and work at minimum wage jobs.

Best Malaysian Film 2016 (Malaysian Film Festival)
Best Film (Kuala Lumpur Critics Award)
In competition – New Asian Cinema, Five Flavours Film Festival, Poland 2016
Hanoi International Film Festival 2016
Luang Prabang International Film Festival 2016

Director: Shanjhey Kumar Perumal
Cast: Harvin Raj; Jibrail Rajhula; Tinesh Sathi Krishnan; Kuben Mahadevan

4. The Kid from the Big Apple (我来自纽约)

Rating: PG

Language: Mandarin

Subtitles: English

Sarah, a 12-year girl was born and raised in New York City. As Sarah’s mother has to relocate to China for a few months on a work assignment, she has no choice but to turn to her estranged father back in Malaysia for help in looking after her daughter for these few months. To a contemporary youngster like Sarah, raised in the Big Apple since birth, Malaysia seems like all her worst nightmares come true.

To begin with, Sarah feels isolated and lonely in this strange, new place. Living in one of the group apartments with her grandfather, initially Sarah hides her insecurities underneath a cloak of bravado and treats her new neighbours as though they are truly beneath her.

Influence from a group of friendly neighbours around her age and a period of time living under the same roof as her grandfather, slowly opens Sarah’s heart to the “strangers” she finds around her. The once ‘Stuck-up’ Sarah comes to learn and understand the reasons why her mother and grandfather care so much about their cultural traditions.

2015 Macau International Movie Festival (Golden Lotus Award for Best Actor, Supporting Actress, Newcomer, Writing);
2016 Malaysian Film Festival (Best Child Award, Special Jury Award)

Director: Jess Teong

Leading Cast: Tommy Tam, Sarah Tan, Jason Tan, Jessica Hester Hsuan, Ti Lung

5. Adiwiraku

Rating: PG

Language: Malay & English

Subtitles: English

Adiwiraku is based on a true story teacher Cheryl Ann Fernando and her struggles and successes in teaching in a rural school in Kedah. Shot entirely in Sungai Petani, Adiwiraku brings to life the story of SMK Pinang Tunggal and how its students worked towards the choral speaking competition.

The story not only probe into the low proficiency of English language amongst the Malay students in rural school, but most importantly through the side plots we realized how social problems and poverty robbed them in getting proper education and hence make us think in what way we could help to make sure the equality of education reach the unfortunate.

This is an underdog story that will inspired our kids to be strong in will and strike for success if only they want it and determine to get it. Pain is temporary and pride is forever.

Director: Eric Ong

Leading Cast:  Sangeeta Krishnasamy, Xavier Fong, Ahmad Adnin Zidane, Nur Idina Tasnim, Rizal Fahmi, Balqis Sani, Wan Azlyn Maasyah,  Farra Safwan

6. Vere Vizhi Ille

Rating: TBA

Language: Tamil

Subtitles: English

The story starts in 1980’s, with a narrator narrating a land dispute within two brothers. When younger brother won the case, the elder brother hired a Javanese Bomoh to curse the land and his younger brother and whoever buys the land, never prospers and died a horrible death. Surya, an easy-going guy who always switching jobs, from a dispatch to his current food delivery guy.  Due to some delivery problem he had been fired from the food Restaurant. He and his girlfriend Maya get into an argument. That’s when he received a call from his former employee, a security agency. He was offered RM3,000 for 2 days and 1 night job as security guard for soon to be torn down shopping complex building. Maniam, the former Head of Security gave Surya a tour of the building and told him that most suspicious one is on the sixth floor, which is currently rented by a religious yoga group led by ‘Swamiji’ (priest).  That Swamiji plan to trap a spirit in dead body as it easier to control. The spirit world open with bang and ray of lights penetrating on everyone in the sixth floor. The tenants attempt to escape had been futile as the doors and gates are impenetrable. The only way to stop the evil is to get Black Magic Book on the sixth floor across the half a dozen possessed people. How Surya, Maya and  the tenants going to escape from this trap and who going to scarifies their spirit, is the climax of this movie.

Director: M. S. Prem Nath

Leading Cast: Denes Kumar, Jasmin Michael

7. The Dream Boyz (小电影)

Rating: PG13

Language: Mandarin

Subtitles: English

The teen movie revolves around the schoolyard adventures of eight close teen-age friends who are members of a drama club. This lively bunch of students hope to shoot a short film and complete it in time to be screened during their graduation ceremony.

However, they have to contend with various problems that threaten to put their friendship to the test.

The eight boisterous buddies – fondly dubbed Snow White and the Seven Dwarves in the movie – are played by local actors Teddy Chin, Alvin Chong, Eric Lin, Rayz Lim, Joe Chang, pop duo FS (comprising singers Ong Fu Ying and Sam Chin Neng) and first time actress Wang Qie.

The movie also stars Singaporean actress Mindee Ong as a school teacher, Steve Yap as a canteen operator, Alvin Wong as an acting coach and George Ng as the school jock.

Director: Ryon Lee

Leading Cast: Teddy Chin, Alvin Chong, Eric Lin, Fuying, Sam, Joe Chang, Rayz Lim, Qie Wang