Ola Bola

Rating: PG

Language:  Malay & Mandarin

Subtitles: English and Mandarin Subtitles

A young Malaysian, struggling with her job as a journalist and lacking passion for staying in her home country, is thrown into the local football scene for a research assignment. Delving deeper into Malaysia’s footballing past, the rich and exhilarating history of the 1980s is brought to light. Inspired by true events from the Golden Age of Malaysian football, Ola Bola revisits the everyday struggles of Malaysians set against the backdrop of a worsening economy. The film’s underdog story charts the assembling of a multicultural football team that is made to recover from the brink of disaster after a string of poor performances culminates in its influential captain leaving the team due to personal financial issues. As hopes for a first successful Asian Olympic qualifying campaign begins to fade, the players rally together to help each other cope with their personal struggles and to reunite in its fight against Asia’s footballing giants. This triumphant story is at once a unique showcase of Malaysian culture as it is an exploration into everyday human relationships – An inspiring story that united an entire nation and a tale of how the little known team of individuals fought together to rise above its hardships.

2016 Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival (Best Original Theme Song)
2016 Malaysia Film Festival (Best Costume Design; Best Original Score; Best Orginal Theme Song; Special Jury Award – National Unity)

Director – Chiu Keng Guan

Leading Actors and Actresses – Bront Palarae, J.C. Chee, Marianne Tan Poh Yee, Muhd Luqman Hafidz bin Mohd Fauzi, Sarankumar a/l Manokaran

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